Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shakespeare Ugly Stik - The Best Rod Ever Made

Fishing enthusiasts have been, or will be thrilled with the Shakespeare Ugly Stik. This "ready out of the box" fishing gear is extremely strong and durable, yet inexpensive. Casual fishing sportsman will truly enjoy the strong and easy to use gear. It is made from fiberglass which surrounds a graphite core. It has been around for over 25 years and continues to be popular today because of the many benefits. There certainly are more pros than cons when it comes to this product. It is geared toward the casual fisherman, but on occasion, even the pros have enjoyed using the Shakespeare Ugly Stik. One of the only drawbacks to the product is that it is somewhat heavier than other fishing gear of the same type.
In a Field and Stream review, only the Ugly Stik was able to withstand the 55 pound weights added to test strength. Although it is indeed strong, it is also flexible, which is one of the benefits which is most often commented on. One reviewer commented that he had pulled up an entire tree stump out of the water with his Shakespeare Ugly Stik. Many proclaim they would use no other gear. Overall, it seems to do what it was intended to do; catch fish. Professional fisherman may prefer a bit more sensitivity, but as far as results, this rod provides, for big and small fish. Most reviews for this product rate 5 stars consistently.
Prices vary from $15 to over $75, but generally are much less expensive than the competition. The best part is, even though it is inexpensive, it is ready to use right out of the box. One can literally open the box, take out the rod, and go fishing. That is something that cannot be said for most other products of this kind. If the Shakespeare Ugly Stik is given as a gift, the recipient can be ready to fish immediately upon opening the package; now, that's convenience! There is a model suitable for all fishing skill levels and ages. Many people who have used the rods for years are now buying for their own children. This is a mark of excellence in and of itself.
The Shakespeare Ugly Stik is available in Sporting Good stores and online. They are convenient to find, buy, and use. They last for many years and apparently do a great job of catching fish. What more could a fishing enthusiast need? They are easy enough for even novice fishing fans. There simply isn't more the common fisherman would want from fishing gear that they can't find in the Ugly Stik. There are several models with different features to suit those who are more discriminating. It is perfect for freshwater and saltwater game and can even handle the big one that no one wants to get away. Those who venture a try with this product are seldom disappointed. The good news is that even if it didn't turn out to be the perfect gear, there wasn't a lot of money spent to find out. It certainly seems that the vast majority of people who buy the rod swear by its quality and durability.
Aaron Stevenson is an avid Fisherman who maintains a website about the Shakespeare Ugly Stik. Information on Ugly Stik Rods of all sorts can be found here.

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