Friday, February 11, 2011

White Catfish

White Catfish are mostly tan or chalkish colored over most of their body, with their belly being bone-white or cream colored, but sometimes their upper body area can be more bluish-grey colored, depending upon water conditions such as algae. White catfish are a very pleasant, mellow tasting fish that is a prized catch for many anglers and even non fishermen. They are easy to clean and with a large bone structure they are an easy to eat fish.

White Catfish can survive just fine in rivers, reservoirs, lakes, ponds and even some streams. White Catfish spawn in late spring or early summer, depending upon the water temperature of the area they live in, generally for spawning they like a water temperature of around 68-72 degrees. Like most catfish they tend to feed off of or near the bottom of the water they reside in. These fish tend to become more active for food when it's night time or on very cloudy days, and they tend to stay down deep and become pretty inactive when the sun is out and shining bright.

White Catfish like hanging around underwater debris such as fallen trees, submerged logs and brush, often a favorite fishing spot for them in rivers, is near submerge bridge pilings out in the deeper current. White Catfish seem to love eating a variety of live food, including; smaller live fish such as shiners or large minnows, crayfish, insects such as grasshoppers and crickets that have fallen into the water, worms and night crawlers. If you are fishing for White Catfish and you do not have live bait, you may have good luck using a scent bait, such as: cheese, dough balls and blood baits.

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