Monday, February 14, 2011

Catching The Bass Fishing Fever

I remember it like it was yesterday. My father and I were sitting in our 17 foot bass boat on Kentucky Lake on Father's Day and I locked onto a 4 pound large mouth bass within 20 minutes of arriving to our favorite fishing spot. It was from that very moment that I caught the Bass fishing fever that has stuck with me for so many years. It truly is an addiction, but a good one at that.

As I was growing up I did love to go fishing with my father. I was always the type to try to impress my father and I loved competing. We did all the father-son activities that most do, but as I grew up, I was getting interested in more things and I was becoming more and more independent. Plus, it just wasn't "cool" as a teenager to be hanging out with my parents. I got interested in driving, school sports, and the normal stuff. Finally, when I was 16, my father told me that the only thing he wanted for Father's Day was for me to go fishing with him. That was it. Sometimes I think he "planted" that big bass in hopes that I'd catch it because he already knew what it would do... get me addicted. In all honesty, it just worked out for the best and I loved every second of it.

I have been stuck on bass fishing ever since that day and I don't expect that feeling you get when reeling in a nice size largemouth will ever go away. It was definitely a day to remember and I have had many like that ever since.

This is truly an addiction that is a good one. The word "addiction" is commonly associate with something bad but in this case, it is completely opposite. I personally practice the catch and release method of fishing. I do like to conserve the fish and the only time I will ever keep any fish is when I plan on eating them with my family. That said, I have never eaten Bass. I have heard by many that it is not a good fish to eat; therefore I have just never tried it. I honestly never plan to either. It is a little ironic that Bass is my favorite type of fish to catch, though.

Fishing is something that can be shared and enjoyed by many generations. It can teach a lot of traits for the younger generation and I think that is important in today's society. It isn't like it used to be in the world and all of those great outdoor survival skills can truly come in handy so get yourself out there and have some fun. What are you waiting for?

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