Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tip For Buying Your Next Fishing Boat

Perhaps you are sitting on the bank fishing and dreaming about your first fishing boat. Or, maybe you are out fishing in your old, worn out boat and wishing you had a new boat.
Eventually your dreams for a new boat will come true, so let's cover some tips for finding and purchasing that perfect fishing boat for you.

First decide where you are going to be using your new fishing boat; in the lakes or in the oceans. Are you just going to take short, daytime fishing trips or do you want to stay overnight on your boat. For overnight fishing trips, you may want to choose a boat with a hull to make riding the waves much easier on you.

Boats can be expensive to ones budget. So, you might want to check out prices in order to help you decide when you will use your new fishing boat. Don't forget the expense of a trailer with which to haul your boat if you don't have a place to keep it docked all the time or you don't live on the lake where you fish.

Depending on where you plan to fish, there are some nice, durable inflatable boats today that inflate and deflate very easily that make transporting your boat much easier and a lot less expensive. And, they are lightweight. They can also be fitted with electric trolling motors.

A boat warranty can save you down the road. Make sure that your boat is covered by a warranty before you purchase. Also, when you purchase your boat be sure to ask the dealer where you will be able to purchase parts or get service when you need it. 

Boats are certified by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturer's Association). They test boats which are made by different manufacturers. Check for this certification on the boat you want before you purchase. Their testing procedure is quite rigorous and you can feel safer owning a boat that has been certified by NMMA.

Boats must also be registered, just like your automobiles. And, of course, there is a registration fee. So, consider that when looking at your budget before buying a boat.

Once you have your new boat then you will have the expense of stocking and maintaining it. You will need to purchase and keep on board life jackets, first aid kits, coolers and probably different fishing gear from what you have used by fishing from the bank.

Think about how many times a year you go fishing. It might be more cost effective to rent a fishing boat for those occasions. But, if you do buy a boat, don't forget one of the fun things of owning a boat and that is to give it a name. To get you thinking, here are a few names that are already taken: Sea Spirit, Don't Even Ask, Seclusion, The Dog House, Thunder Wolf, Play N Hooky and Payne Relief. Have fun, maybe involve the rest of the family and pick something special for your new fishing boat name and paint it on your boat.

Fishing is a sport loved by many. It is a relaxing and rewarding get-a-way from the stresses of the daily work grind. Check out more about this great sport at: Got A Go Fishing and Sevylor Inflatable Boat

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