Friday, August 26, 2011

Cat Fishing Gear

One of the most important factors that can determine the failure or success of your catfishing is choosing the right catfishing gear. While you also need to learn some effective catfishing techniques in order to be able to catch as many catfish as you want, choosing the right catfishing equipment is definitely a must if you are taking catfishing seriously. These 2 factors combined together will definitely make you a better angler who can catch monster catfish easily at any time.
Most catfishing gear can be bought from any reputable angler store. Whether you are shopping locally or online, you need to choose the right type of rods, lines, hooks and reels that best suit the catfish you're about to go after. You will have an easier time catching smaller catfish if you choose a light tackle as you wouldn't have to struggle to reel the fish in. If you opt for bigger catfishes, then you need to arm yourself with heavy-duty tackles as well as some strong rods and lines that can withstand a forceful tug from a big and powerful catfish. Test your lines before purchasing them, and make sure that they can support at least 30 to 50 pounds of weight.
You also need to choose the right type of reel that best suits your rod. If you are fishing for fun, then you can use light reels. But if you really want to catch yourself a big catfish that you want to enjoy eating, then going for bigger reels is recommended. It is also advisable to bring different types of hooks when you go fishing so that you can change them smoothly when you feel that the fish comes off easily. Treble and circle hooks are best suited for catching medium-sized to big-sized catfish. The reason behind their effectiveness is that they can keep the fish on the hook longer until you grab it to your boat. Because baits are also very important when it comes to catfishing, using the right type will definitely increase your chances of catching more catfish. Stink baits such as chicken or pig liver, minnows, cut bait and worms are few of the most effective baits used by professional anglers today.
Mastering different catfishing techniques is also necessary for your catfishing success. There is no doubt that time and experience are definitely required if you want to learn thing naturally. You should always practice new tricks and methods every time you go catfishing and analyze the results that they bring. You can experiment on various combination of baits and techniques and improve those that bring in good results. The key to mastering catfishing is to always stay focused and don't rush things, because if you do, you'll startle the fish and prompt it to struggle even more. Let the fish swallow the hook and slowly reel it in.
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