Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Is The Best Bait For Catfish?

The best bait for catfish is the stinkiest stuff you can obtain. Catfish are bottom feeders and will eat just about everything. If the catfish can smell it they will like it.
As a youthful youngster my hobby was trapping. One time I call to mind my father dissecting a skunk for its aroma sack and putting that together with some stinky meat. Now that matter stunk! An I'm telling you this why? To help you comprehend that just approximately every thing living is attracted to some kind of smell and when going for predators and scavengers such as coyotes and catfish the best bait for catfish is going to be the grossest smelling stuff you can muster up.
For catfish, rank bait will be the best bait for catfish but there is also live bait which is excellent. In the water it's the splashing that attracts the catfish. Maybe you have seen the movies with sharks where the swimmer is splashing around, notice that these transpire late at night, but their kicking and splashing is what brings the awareness of the sharks.
Catfish are a good deal like sharks and one of the best bait for catfish would be a bait that is making a lot of commotion. With the information that the catfish is a scavenger we shouldn't be alarmed to find out that some of the best bait used for catfish is insects, worms, frogs, other fish, and even small rodents such as mice. Catfish also are found of shrimp, prawns, crawfish, and other crustaceans. Specifically be certain that these types of bait are free of shells.
The determined individuals will consult their resident biologist to find out what the catfish in their region are ingesting. Depending on where you dwell your biologist can help you understand what they are ingesting helping you put together your best bait for your area.
It's amazing how huge some of these catfish can get! For example, it's not unheard of for these monsters to weigh in around 123 pounds. Forty to eighty pounds is more the average size of these big catfish. So you don't take a chance of loosing one of these monsters make sure that your line is heavy enough to keep them on. While using fresh live bait the best bait for catfish, very large catfish that is, use bullhead catfish. Bullheads are considered game fish and may not be legal in your state so make sure and check your local rules and regulations before fishing with them.
If you're not fishing with live bait then the best bait, in my opinion, would be the stinkiest bait you can gather up. However, while using new live bait then the best bait for catfish use a smaller bullhead catfish.
I love fishing, hunting, camping and everything outdoors. I hope you find my opinion on the best bait for catfish helpful.

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